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Through awareness, preventive measures, and health and life skills education

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A nonprofit Serving Atlanta’s Underserved Communities 

Friendly Young Doctor
Prostate Cancer Awareness

RBBY provides vital information and regularly hosts events for the community. Additionally, we provide prostate cancer screenings at no cost to aid in the early detection of prostate cancer.

Fighting Homelessness In Metro Atlanta

RBBY, Inc. routinely engages in fundraising campaign activities in an effort to raise capital to purchase the items that are distributed to homeless communities and schools.  We partner with homeless service organizations that provide resources to families and individuals putting them on a path to self-sufficiency

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Teaching Life Skills To Youth

RBBY, Inc. is committed to teaching the vital life competencies and interpersonal skills to help them reach their full potential. Our goal is to help the youth learn through their strengths by developing core skills to think critically and successfully manage their daily activities.

the rbby story

In 2017,  Ricky Gilley founded Reach Back Beyond You, Incorporated, (RBBY, Inc.), a nonprofit organization serving veterans and homeless communities, promoting health awareness, and teaching life skills to under-served youth in our local communities.

RBBY Inc. hosts two annual events that focus on community by offering free physical examinations for youth, biometric screenings for adults, and free prostate screening for men. The premiere event allows men to be screened in a safe space which permits private conversations with experts and other men regarding their health, while educating them about prostate cancer and the benefit of being aware of their PSA numbers.

Ricky is passionate about serving others unconditionally with kindness, empathy, respect, and equality encompassed by the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).  

He feels that everyone should be treated with dignity, and his goal is to add portable shower stations to his equipment to allow for individuals to take showers during his homeless wellness events.  Because statistics show that poor hygiene is a significant cause of health problems in people who experience homelessness, Ricky believes that this will also provide a way to reduce and prevent the spread of disease from person to person. 



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PLEASE JOIN RBBY FOR IT'S eighth ANNUAL Prostate Cancer Awareness and Children Health Fair

Annual Run |Walk |Ride
September 28, 2024



There has been a surge in the number of youth dropping out of the high school educational system. The time is now to reach back beyond you and help change the course and to try to save them. Please help RBBY, Inc. to create a brighter tomorrow by donating your time, talent, and resources for their future!


At RBBY, Inc. our goal is to meet and serve those in our community where they are with kindness, empathy, equity, and respect. 


We have a passion to meet and serve the communities unconditionally where they are with kindness, empathy, equity, and respect. 

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